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soap producing machine

1. Principle: oil and sodium hydroxide are boiled together and hydrolyzed into sodium and glycerol, the higher fatty acids. The former is processed and formed into soap.2. Supplies: one beaker (150 ml) and one beaker (300mL), glass rod, alcohol lamp, asbestos mesh, tripod, lard (or other animal fat or oil), NaOH,95% alcohol, saturated salt water.3. Operation (1) in a 150mL beaker, put 6g lard and 5mL 95% alcohol, and then add 10ml 40% NaOH solution.Stir with glass rod to dissolve (heat gently if necessary).(2) place the beaker on an asbestos net (or in a water bath), heat it over a low heat and keep stirring with a glass holder.During the heating process, if the alcohol and water are reduced by evaporation, they should be replenished at any time to maintain the original volume.For this purpose, 20mL of alcohol and water mixture (1:1) can be prepared in advance for addition.(3) after heating for about 20min, saponification reaction was basically complete.If necessary, a few drops of sample can be taken out of the glass rod and put into the test tube. 5~6mL distilled water can be added into the test tube and heated and oscillated.When still, have grease to divide, show saponification is not complete, can add lye to continue saponification drop.(4) slowly add 20mL of hot distilled water to the saponified viscous liquid, and stir to make them dissolve.Then slowly pour the viscous solution into 150mL hot saturated salt solution and stir as you add.After static place, soap then salt-out rises float, wait for soap to precipitate completely, after solidification can use vitreous bar to take out, soap is made namely.4. Note (1) oil is not easily soluble in alkaline water. Alcohol is added in order to increase the solubility of oil in alkali solution and speed up saponification reaction.(2) if no water bath is needed for heating, use a low fire.(3) saponification reaction, to maintain the original volume of the mixture, do not let the mixture in the beaker boil dry or spill outside the beaker.Note: saponification reaction: reverse hydrolysis of oil under alkaline conditions

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