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soap package machine
fixing effect, fragrance is not easy to dissipate and volatilize, but the production is small, the price is high, it is valuable perfume, among them the most application is muskiness, it is the specialty of our country Tibet, the output accounts for about 80% of the world.
2. Botanical perfume: botanical perfume is extracted from the flowers, leaves, branches or fruits of aromatic plants.Most of these are volatile oils, also known as natural essential oils (or fragrances).If jasmine oil, rose oil are extracted respectively from jasmine, rose; Clove oil, fennel oil are respectively extracted from the fruit of lemon oil, orange oil is extracted from the peel.Some trunks contain aromatic mucus, which is obtained by cutting fat.
The variety of plant perfumes are much, its pear flavour is thick weak, volatile difficult easy, excitant size is different also.In addition to being used directly as perfume, these perfume can also be used as raw materials for free perfume.
3. Monomeric perfumes: monomeric perfumes are fragrances containing only a single compound extracted from natural perfumes and other chemical products by physical and chemical methods.According to the different raw materials are divided into free perfumes and perfumes.
(1) free [erfumes are relatively pure perfumes separated from nature.Generally speaking, natural ingredients are not single aromatic compounds in terms of composition. They are all made up of a mixture of aromatic components. If leaf oil is made up of geraniol and vanilla.Perfumes that are physically and chemically separated from nature are called monomers.
(2) synthetic perfumes are those synthesized by chemical methods from the fractionation products of coal tar, free perfumes and other chemical raw materials.At present, many natural monomer perfumes can be synthesized artificially, and there are hundreds of varieties.
4, blending perfumes: blending perfumes are generally called perfumes or mixed perfumes,which is made from several to dozens of perfumes.The perfume that all sorts of products use is mixed perfume, such as soap used essence, cosmetic essence, edible essence, tobacco essence.
Soap used essence requires flavour fragrant, full-bodied, chemical stability is good, volatile is not volatilized easily, basically do not have stimulation, have stronger bactericidal ability.soap package machine soap package machine soap package machine

soap package machine

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