automatic soap making machine


The automatic soap making machineraw material of toilet soap uses, such as oils, bases and some auxiliary materials basically are the same as laundry soap, except that oils need to be refined, decolorized and degassed before they are suitable for making toilet soap. In addition, the oil used for toilet soap is currently limited to natural oils such as bovine and sheep oil, coconut oil, palm oil, lard, etc.The main ingredients of toilet soap are perfume and colors.

  1. Botanical perfume: botanicalperfumeis extracted from the flowers, leaves, branches or fruits of aromatic plants.Most of these are volatile oils, also known as natural essential oils (or fragrances).If jasmine oil, rose oil are extracted respectively from jasmine, rose; Clove oil, fennel oil are respectively extracted from the fruit of lemon oil, orange oil is extracted from the peel.Some trunks contain aromatic mucus, which is obtained by cutting fat.automatic soap making machine

  2. automatic soap making machine

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